Superstars Dancesport Championships
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February 18th - 21st, 2015 

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Event Location:
Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club

Organizer Contact:
(863) 668-9668
Fax: (863) 688-3012

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Millennium Dancesport
Convention & Visitors Bureau
Dancesport Series
Category: International Latin Freestyles
Dances: Jive
Levels/Age Groups:
Level:Beginner Bronze Age:L-A2 Level:Beginner Bronze Age:L-B1
Level:Beginner Bronze Age:L-C1 Level:Beginner Silver Age:G-B1
Level:Beginner Silver Age:L-A2 Level:Beginner Silver Age:L-B2
Level:Full Bronze Age:L-A2 Level:Full Bronze Age:L-B1
Level:Full Bronze Age:L-B2 Level:Full Bronze Age:L-C1
Level:Full Bronze Age:L-JR1 Level:Full Gold Age:L-YT
Level:Full Silver Age:G-B1 Level:Full Silver Age:L-A2
Level:Intermediate Bronze Age:L-A2 Level:Intermediate Bronze Age:L-B1
Level:Intermediate Bronze Age:L-B2 Level:Intermediate Bronze Age:L-C1
Level:Intermediate Bronze Age:L-JR1 Level:Intermediate Silver Age:G-B1
Level:Intermediate Silver Age:L-A2 Level:Intermediate Silver Age:L-JR1
Level:Intermediate Silver Age:L-PT2 Level:Newcomers Bronze Age:L-JR1
Level:Open Beginner Bronze Age:L-A2 Level:Open Beginner Bronze Age:L-C1
Level:Open Beginner Gold Age:AC-JR2 Level:Open Beginner Gold Age:L-A2
Level:Open Beginner Gold Star Age:AC-YT Level:Open Beginner Silver Age:AC-A1
Level:Open Beginner Silver Age:AC-AA1 Level:Open Beginner Silver Age:AC-YT
Level:Open Beginner Silver Age:L-C1 Level:Open Full Bronze Age:AC-A1
Level:Open Full Bronze Age:AC-AA1 Level:Open Full Bronze Age:L-C1
Level:Open Full Bronze Age:L-PT2 Level:Open Full Gold Age:AC-JR2
Level:Open Full Gold Age:L-B1 Level:Open Full Gold Age:L-YT
Level:Open Full Gold Star Age:L-A1 Level:Open Full Gold Star Age:L-A2
Level:Open Full Gold Star Age:L-B1 Level:Open Full Silver Age:L-A2
Level:Open Intermediate Bronze Age:L-C1 Level:Open Intermediate Bronze Age:L-PT2
Level:Open Intermediate Gold Age:AC-JR2 Level:Open Intermediate Gold Age:AC-YT
Level:Open Intermediate Gold Age:L-A2 Level:Open Intermediate Gold Age:L-YT
Level:Open Intermediate Gold Star Age:L-A1 Level:Open Intermediate Silver Age:AC-YT
Level:Open Intermediate Silver Age:L-A2 Level:Proficiency Open Beginer Gold Star Age:AC-YT
Level:Proficiency Open Beginner Silver Age:AC-A1 Level:Proficiency Open Beginner Silver Age:AC-AA1
Level:Proficiency Open Beginner Silver Age:AC-YT Level:Proficiency Open Full Bronze Age:AC-AA1
Level:Proficiency Open Full Gold Age:AC-YT Level:Proficiency Open Intermediate Gold Age:AC-YT
Level:Proficiency Open Intermediate Silver Age:AC-YT Level:RS Beginner Silver Age:L-A2
Level:RS Beginner Silver Age:L-B2 Level:RS Full Bronze Age:L-A2
Level:RS Full Bronze Age:L-B2 Level:RS Intermediate Bronze Age:L-A2
Level:RS Intermediate Bronze Age:L-B2 Level:RS Open Full Silver Age:AC-YT
Level:RS Open Intermediate Silver Age:AC-YT  
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